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The Local 731 I.B. of T. Welfare - Pension Fund Office administers three pension plans and three health and welfare plans.
To find out which plan you are in, go to the member section and follow the instructions to login.

Using the Menu


Services and Information on all benefit programs that are common to all Crafts.

Latest News

Current postings of Benefit Improvements, changes and compliance notices.

Forms & Notices

Forms, Applications and Past Notices available to download.

Wellness Corner

Check back here for monthly health topics, newsletters and fliers.


Information on Benefit Service Providers and other helpful information.


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Members Login

Log in to view Plan-Specific information, work history, eligibility and more.

After Logging In

Once you login to the site (and provide your site registration information, if it is your first time logging in), you will go to the "What do you want to do?" Menu:

Following are what is available for each menu choice:

View Eligibility

Here you can view your current and past eligibility status and plan.

View Pension Lifetime History

Here you can view your lifetime Pension Weeks/Hours.

View Work History

Here you can select a fund (H&W or Pension) and view your employer-contributed hours/weeks.

View Plan-Specific Documents and Statements (Welfare and Pension)

Here you will see a list of your Plans - click each to view additional documents, statements, and notices related to each.

View Claims History

Here you can view your medical claims history, as well as associated EOBs (Explanation of Benefits).

View Member and Dependent Information

Here you can view the demographic information the Fund Office has on file for you and your dependent(s).

Change Password

You can return to this Registration/Profile page at any time to update your e-mail address, website password, and/or your security question and answer.